Building a business in a class


Well what a whirlwind three years it has been since I declared my journalism major. As I am writing this blog, I am finishing my capstone and drinking a coffee. I am also celebrating the freedom of being a second semester senior and relishing in the fact that I will fly home tomorrow with my partner.

Entrepreneurial Media was a useful class, but I think I learned more about my classmates than the actual learning objectives. It was a unique bonding experience to be thrown into a mix of journalism majors and expected to create business plans for companies we invented. The journalism major as a whole doesn’t usually include many classes in how to create a business so the sheer effort it took to build something from the ground up kept us connected.

Since the journalism major has three tracts (public relations, advertising and news) and many of us choose to double major, a few students – myself included – felt that the distribution of talent was uneven. For example, putting two or more PR majors in a group and then judging their presentation against a presentation put together by three news majors might not have resulted in consistent presentations.

That being said the group I worked with was wonderful. Given that we are all involved in the student newspaper we built a business designed to restore the public’s trust in mass media. It was a lofty goal and one that probably could have used some PR gloss and graphic design shine to make it truly sparkle. Nevertheless the three of us were as proud of Tripartisan as we could be.

Our business plan addressed what we felt, as millennials, is lacking in the mainstream media. Ask any millennial and they’ll tell you they’re overworked, underpaid and underemployed. Our consumption of media is limited to what we can enjoy from social media in the few free minutes we have during the week. The media has yet to fully grasp this and thus generally publishes articles attacking our generation rather than working to understand our demographic. Tripartisan embraced the millennial generation’s tendency to question, their need for quick consumption and their overall distrust of anyone telling them they have all the answers. We built Tripartisan for ourselves and for Generation Z.

I certainly learned how to adapt in Entrepreneurial Media and I appreciate the dedication and work my partners put into this project. Our business may never see the light of day but we are incredibly grateful for the freedom to create.


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