She’s changing the world with love and compassion. That sounds erroneously self-important doesn’t it? Don’t worry I think so too but I also think it’s the best way to describe who I want to be.

Today I could go on Facebook and see hundreds of posts filled with violence. There may be news reports of a school shooting, someone live-streaming a fight in the parking lot, or pictures of horrifically abused animals and children. And while I believe its critically important to talk about these issues, I think society has become utterly desensitized to the images, so much so that scrolling past them barely phases us.

In a world that swipes through pictures that should disturb us, I want to remain sensitive to these pictures because they show me what needs to be changed in the world. Pictures of suffering peoples should be intolerable to see because they reveal the dire circumstances that exist and need to be fixed. I think in order to change the world you have to remain affected by it.


Photo courtesy of and Chance Agrella 

I don’t believe I can singlehandedly change the world; create world peace and end hunger. Those are lofty goals that are far beyond what one person can achieve. Instead I believe that remaining sensitive in a world that forces us to be hard is the first step to changing the status quo.

When I feel outraged by the President’s dangerous actions, no longer can I be indifferent; I am motivated to become a better activist. When I see a news report on a school shooting, I ask what can be done to prevent this unnecessary violence.

I can honestly say that some days I wish I could turn the sadness off. There are days when closing my eyes and saying lalalala as loud as I possibly can are appealing, but on those days it’s more important than ever to act lovingly and compassionately.

My philosophy class has been discussing the Dalai Lama’s Ethics of a New Millennium, in which his holiness describes why the world is in need of a spiritual revolution. He argues that we have become self absorbed, too focused on our own troubles to be in solidarity with others. His statement is not meant as a rebuke of society, especially western society, but rather as a wake up call; a call for our actions to be made with the good of others in mind.

I am not perfect nor would I ever claim to be. To follow the Dalai Lama’s indictment is to radically shift my thought process so that I am consistently thinking about others before myself, which is – and surely will continue to be – a long process. But if I have to contain myself within a sentence, she’s changing the world with love and compassion, is what I strive for it to be.


7 thoughts on “Changing

  1. I like how you wrote a sentence that not only talks about how you feel in the present but what you want to keep on striving to be in the future. I agree with you that there is only so much someone can do to change our societal norms but that does not mean we should stop trying to change the world. I also like how are university shapes us into a better version of ourselves by making us critically think about other people than ourselves, especially in our theology and philosophy classes.

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  2. Hey Rachel,

    Great post, this is the first blog I have read that relates to current events in news/media. I think it is a very pressing topic that deserves to be brought to light. My question for you is do you believe that the momentum of protests against the current president will remain steady or will it fluctuate along with the president’s actions.

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    • I think it will certainly fluctuate but for any meaningful or constructive change to occur we have to have a multi-front push against the institution. This has to be an intersectional movement that embraces the voices of the marginalized as leaders.


  3. Rachel,
    I love your sentence. From reading your post it is obvious that this sentence describes you well. Some of the things you brought up, like being desensitized, really hit home with me. I have never really thought about it, but I myself have become desensitized to a lot of the violence and destruction that is going on in this world. Overall, I really enjoyed reading your post and I think you did a great job finding your sentence.

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  4. Rachel, your posts are so sophisticated and insightful! You’re quite the talented writer! I admire your drive for activism, and I think you have the persuasive writing style necessary for inciting the change – the loving and compassionate revolution – you’re working toward.

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  5. connorandsocialmedia

    Rachel, I really liked this post. First off, I really like the way your blog is formatted, it is very well done! I really like your mentality when it comes to making sure that you live with compassion and love even when it seems tough. That is very respectable. Keep up the great work on the blog!

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  6. I find it frustrating when I look at our society and see people do things that are utterly ridiculous. When you see the injustices in the world, and wonder, “don’t they see what they are doing and how wrong it is?” Especially with the actions of the President, I totally empathize with you.

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