Intro to Mass Communication: A Class to Rule Them All


As anyone who has read this blog knows, technology and I have had our issues but Introduction to Mass Communication Technology changed my mentality towards the kind of tech I used to see as a depressing side effect of a world addicted to technology. I don’t think I’ll ever be the person touting the newest iPhone as the world’s greatest toy but I think technology and I have reached a tenuous alliance. I understand how intertwined with technology the journalism world is and although I will probably always be a proponent of slow journalism, that is facts before speed, I can learn to appreciate the change for what it is – evolution.

I was talking to my father a couple weeks ago complaining about Twitter and its “water hose” effect when my father surprised me and told me he had an account. My father, who detests social media as a way for the government to spy on civilians, had a Twitter account. He told me that when he started out in the business world he wanted to read the Wall Street Journal but he found that the newspaper was overwhelming because it packed so much information into its pages, similar to the water hose effect of Twitter. He told me that an older businessman told him to only read what interested him and skim the rest. He said this kept the newspaper from being overwhelming and eventually he worked up to reading the entire newspaper cover to cover. I think being in this class helped me build up a tolerance to the intimidating amount of social media usage required by the journalism industry.

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By far the most interesting thing I learned was how important it is to leave a clean footprint. Everything on the web is interconnected; people who anger the public risk doxxing or worse being entirely discredited over one tweet. There are no second chances with the Internet, everything is permanent and will follow you to the grave as terrifying a thought as that is. The fear of the Internet instilled by this class is something I enjoyed and hated on occasion but overall this class was truly one of my favorites this semester.