The Battle for the Brain: Technology Versus Humanity


I wake up in the morning to my alarm clock/phone screaming at me to greet the day. I turn over to silence it and immediately check my email to see if any of my professors sent me an 11 p.m. message with a homework assignment for class that day. After checking my email, I transition to Facebook, then the news and so on, all before I get up to shower. What is a little sad about this routine is it’s automatic, no thought process behind it at all.

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Often I think about this conditioned behavior and I desire to unplug completely, to live in the rural mountains far from the technological overload. A part of me worries that I miss what is going on in the periphery as I chase a story all over the Internet. Do I miss the big moments of people I love, simply to chase the little moments of people I have no connection to? As the devil (technological overload) and the angel (time spent purely unconnected) chase each other around in my head, I’m left to wonder if we’re pushing towards a world similar to Wall-E’s. Debates rage on about whether the rewiring of humanity is positive or negative but no one denies that it exists.

I, for one, believe the rewiring has had permanent negative effects on all areas involving relationships. For example, Tinder, among other dating apps, is designed to introduce single people to one another based on geographic location. Besides the irritating shallowness of swiping right or swiping left based on looks, I am continually bombarded by stories about sexual assaults, vitriolic reactions to feminists, general disrespect of women and sexual trafficking, taking place within the app or as a result of setting up a date through the app.

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I am regularly disgusted by predators using the Internet to demean and terrify others because they are protected by anonymity and defended by like-minded deviants across the globe. Our laws are neither current nor stringent enough to prosecute these people and thus the cycle of violence continues. If we truly are pushing towards the world of Wall-E, I am terrified for what this could mean in terms of sex and relationships. In fact I’m terrified for the world in general should we continue to be manipulated by technology and brainwashed by the clever sociopaths who scan the internet looking for malleable followers.

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As someone who is regularly plugged into the world through her phone, I can’t lead the charge of rebellion against technology without being hypocritical, nor can I deny the benefits technology has given the world. What I can do is conscientiously object to the use of technology for perpetrating violence and demand laws that punish the culprits. I can be an advocate changing the way we use technology.


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